Confession Made Fun










PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“I bet you’ve played ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’.”
Blood dripped from the ropes scoring Jason’s wrists; his feet dangled two feet off the floor.
“In this version, you’re the donkey.”
Caspar blindfolded himself then felt for a thin blade on a workbench.
“I’ll miss initially if you keep swaying, or I might spike you in the rear which will make sitting uncomfortable. Eventually though, I’m likely to fatally stab you, so stop me at any point.”
“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you where the body is!” Jason screamed
Caspar sighed, “Spoilsport, you could’ve given me a couple of goes.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.