The Doors of Infatuation








“It’s a shabby outhouse, why would they padlock it?”
“We’ll know when we get it open. Can you pick it?”
“If I did, would it open the door to your heart too?”
She smouldered, probably with irritation but he preferred to interpret it as desire.
“They’re hiding something.”
“Like you’re hiding your passion for me?”
She scowled at him. “Just open the door, the only prize you’ll get is what might be on the inside.”
Undefeated he said, “Hope it’s love then.”
As the door creaked open, three decaying corpses fell forwards.
Alison vomited.
“She even pukes beautifully,” he thought.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.