Nazrat of the Owls

With apologies to Edgar Rice Burroughs






A family of owls rescued baby Nazrat from the wreckage of his parents’ Cessna and raised him as their own. He grew to be the wise man of the village with a penchant for gobbling rodents, head first and whole.
It was natural Gilbert should consult him on why the tadpoles he studied weren’t metamorphosing.
Nazrat pondered; he rolled a dangling tail to the opposite corner of his mouth before proclaiming, “An extreme result of poor parenting.”
“Poor parenting?”
“If their children are to mature into worthy citizens, the parents shouldn’t spawn in the fountain of youth…that’ll be five bucks.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

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