Impossible Escape






PHOTO PROMPT – © Al Forbes

Marcus threw another sack of clothes in the boot. “Why couldn’t she love me the same?”
His records would have to go on the back seat.
Why couldn’t those he forced himself to date, have her beauty?
The car bulged. Too much baggage.
“You can’t run away from a life if you insist on taking it with you.”
He started to unpack the car again, but the heaviest baggage he couldn’t leave behind.
Hefting a box he felt a spasm. He straightened, kneading his back, “Unrequited love and back ache; until you’ve suffered them yourself, you can’t appreciate the pain.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here


20 thoughts on “Impossible Escape

  1. I noticed that just now, when I read yours. In fact, I looked at the image on my phone and thought it was of a car packed to the brim, then drove writing it in my head. Only when I saw the prompt on a bigger screen did I realise it was a vintage car, but too late the story was formed.Hopefully he will.


  2. I also thought that there was a body in the box, he’s taking everything with him. But from your comments I see that this is not the case. What a relief. 🙂 Unrequited love and backache: too much baggage indeed.

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  3. I feel his back ache and his pain! Fortunately I had movers to help me. It’s nicely written – I like the visual imagery. I just keep getting to feeling that the spoken parts don’t reflect as much on the mood as the other text. It might be rhythm of the words. “Why couldn’t she love me back?” instead, maybe? Dialogue is always difficult. It’s such a nice piece I couldn’t refrain from the suggestion. 🙂


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