Fond Memories Fouled







PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The empty factory windows stared soullessly back at Tom like the dead eyes of his cherished Margot. He hobbled into broken glass and pigeon guano, the punch cards racked as they were that last day.
He read the faded names; Barker, Binley, Blackwell and hers, Bloomfield M, above his.
They’d met here, making shoes, loved, married, made shoes and raised children making shoes.
She’d denied the gossip, but there was life to read in her bright eyes then.
Gnarled hands tore at Barker’s card, the scraps fluttered down to settle with the rat tracks and his tears in the dust.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

27 thoughts on “Fond Memories Fouled

  1. Yes you’ve read it right Sandra. Shoe factories were people’s lives around here, now they’ve closed and everything is imported. Workers would work and play together, holiday together and so on and sometimes it would go wrong.


  2. Nice take on the prompt. It does look like a factory, doesn’t it? I turned it into a prison for my story, but they have some similarities …
    I too like the way you’ve shown betrayal in small, simple objects. Cleverly done


  3. Effective descriptions, Mick. I like the way you gradually developed it until the great sad twist at the end. I read the other comments. I guess I was thinking of the closed shoe factory in the Robin Williams movie, “Jumanji”. Well written. —- Suzanne


  4. Cleverly crafted, and well structured. I enjoyed figuring out on my own your hints at a made reading it quite interesting 🙂


  5. This played well, on so many levels, I felt it in my heart. But then I did work in a shoe factory for almost a year. There was lots of emotion there to.


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