Celebration Number 1 (I hope)







One of my favourite cow photos.


Well I’m buzzing and the sun is shining. At last the first draft of my novel is complete and has been unleashed on half a dozen readers. Hopefully they will come back with the flaws, weaknesses and omissions and after a final polish, I can start approaching agents and publishers.

Titled “For Society’s Sake,” it is a crime novel which switches from the island of Madeira to Britain and back again in the hunt for a mysterious gang of vigilantes who are imposing their own brand of justice on criminals they feel the state hasn’t dealt with adequately.  It features Inspector Tandy and his side kick Curly White who have appeared in many of my short stories, but this is their first time in a full length novel.

In other news, the first draft complete and the girlfriend out of town, there was no excuse left to put off painting the kitchen ceiling any longer. The result, glasses like speckled eggs, paint in places the law of physics states it shouldn’t be able to reach and a seriously aching arm. Conclusion: I am no painter and decorator. And after all that, I read the tin and it says I have to give it a second coat!

A bit of good news though, the lawn mower won’t start.

2 thoughts on “Celebration Number 1 (I hope)

  1. Good luck with the novel!
    It’s always a bonus when there’s a legitimate excuse to get out of gardening. Sometimes I hope it will rain on a Sunday so I don’t have to do it (or wash the car!) 🙂

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