Alice Down the Corridor







Alice approached the blue blazered beaver.
“Rabbit hole?”
“The entrance, Miss? Down there, PVC door.”
“Down this corridor? But it’s so sterile.”
“Thank-you, Miss, we try. Please disinfect as you go. Dispensers placed at regular intervals.”
Rooks like skinny-legged priests loped the length of the corridor, inspecting nothing, very importantly.
“The hole’s too dangerous. Your grandmother was lucky not to hurt herself falling down it the way she did. There is a plaque though.”
Beaver slapped his tail on the marble floor summoning a bevy of jackdaws out of nowhere,
“A few details for security.”
“Sign in.”
“Take a lanyard.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.


37 thoughts on “Alice Down the Corridor

    • You’re right, I lament the loss a little of children’s licence to have adventures and just get dirty. Now zoos can’t let children pet or feed nimals for fer of infection, it’s a shame.

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  1. Thank-you. I’ve always thought the white bit above their beaks resembles grubby dog-collars and so have always thought of them in this way. Similarly, Jackdaws sport executioner’s hoods but, I didn’t have space for those in the 100 words.


    • HI Bjorn, thanks. The Beaver is just an animal that I think looks very self important when sat up on its hind legs but you could read it as it having crossed over from Narnia, after all they are all in that dreamworld we like to read about.


  2. A truly wonderful story. I loved it and could see all your wonderful creatures. I really enjoyed the part “inspecting nothing, very importantly.”


  3. Oh, wonderful. The rabbit hole has changed, everything is administered, but the further in you go, the more new things you discover. And the dispensers turn into gargoyles, and…

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  4. Thanks, that seems to be one or two people’s favourite line. I’m especially pleased you thought it was Carrollesque, as it’s always a danger when you attempt something like this that it’ll fall way short of the mark.


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