Waiting in the Shadows for the Sun







PHOTO PTOMPT © Lucy Fridkin

Carlota watched the cruise ship slide serenely into the bay; the early evening sun sparkling off chrome rails and placid water.
It fascinated her that the opulent chose her island to visit on their luxurious holidays.
Mesmerised by the affluence, dreaming of escaping her sickly, dependent parents and their stone hovel, she craved the obscenity of wealth.
One day it would be her sipping cocktails on a deck lounger, her bathed in Chanel.
In the meantime, amongst those spoilt travellers would be hungry clients, seeking satisfaction.
Applying scarlet lipstick, straightening her dress, she moved to wait in her usual place.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.



59 thoughts on “Waiting in the Shadows for the Sun

    • Thanks Michael, I’m glad that came across. I lived in such a place and it was sickening to see the majority of the population just surviving while the rich took all they wanted. It’s maddeningly ironic because it’s a beautiful island, their island yet they get the least from it.

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  1. Thank-you. That’s my favourite line. I liked the idea that although it is obscene, she wants it for herself rather than decries it and will live out a differently obscene life, to achieve it. Sort of an obscene circle.

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  2. Thank-you. That’s what I was thinking of. It’s easy to be judgemental but on the other hand sympathetic towards her because, why shouldn’t she have some of the good things? Maybe there’s no option but to do what she has to do. But obscenity does have extremes and bits in the middle, she’s not blameless.


  3. Hello Michael,
    I almost wrote about the same subject as my hubby and I are avid cruisers.
    There have been many ports I’ve seen with this image from the prompt.
    I decided I needed to go elsewhere. But, you’ve written a precise descriptions of what it’s
    like to travel on one. I enjoyed the story very much. The story shows the characters fortitude to perhaps forge forward into what she recounting, one day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Isadora 😎

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  4. That is such a great story, fascinating, thought-provoking and the last line is like a punch to the gut. I don’t think she’ll get what she wants. Dreams and reality are wide apart.

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  5. I’ve never been on one of the islands but heard of one where the poor people inland use special forks to dig through garbage piles for food while people in hotels are treated royally. The poorest here also search through garbage for edible food in competition with feral dogs. It’s very sad. —- Suzanne

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  6. I love how you have described the wealthy in this. It shows the vulgar side of prosperity very clearly. Although, it was apparent she was poor, the last line still took me by surprise. Very interesting to see tourists from the POV of the indigenous people.

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