House Hunting Misunderstandings





Image © J Hardy Carroll

“So much potential, darling.”
“Potential for a load of work and expense, you mean.”
“But look at the space.”
“Space? There’s only us two. You intend building a boat or something?”
“Us three.”
John sniffed, “Lovely thought but living with mother wouldn’t work, however much space.”
“Not your mother, silly.”
“Well who…oh, you mean?”
His face cracked, he beamed, they hugged and danced a daft jig.
“Now…over there would be good for his train set and I’ll get some goalposts for the garden.”
She laughed, “She may not like trains and football.” They giggled and jigged until they dropped.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here. 

53 thoughts on “House Hunting Misunderstandings

  1. A wonderfully positive take on the photo prompt. I hope they cleared a space among all that debris before dancing their jig! I like the fact that they had vision and weren’t overwhelmed by all the work they would need to do. My present house was almost as bad a tip when we bought it, as it had been a student house before. My husband and son did a total refurbishment between exchange and completion of contract, while I had the fun job of choosing the fixtures and fittings (and the not so fun job of doing all of the packing at the old house).

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