Shame and Kindness in the Same Bin

Hi all,

I haven’t posted for several weeks due to waking up one morning with a novel virtually fully formed in my head which I’ve been writing ever since. I’ve just completed the third re-write so it’s time to pause and let it ferment a little before going back to it. So I can join in again and here’s my contribution to this week’s FF







PHOTO PROMPT © Kelvin M. Knight

Armand broke from work for a coffee in his room, above the bakery. He took it onto his balcony and listened for the familiar muffled noises from the bins.

Boivin raided the sacks of yesterday’s bread meant for the pig farmer, every morning.  Armand smiled. When Boivin opened the sack today, he’d find fresh croissants and cake with a note, Bon Apetite.

Armand craned excitedly to hear but an unexpected cry of anguish assailed his ears and heavy boots fled, all attempt at furtiveness abandoned.

Armand rushed downstairs. The sack gaped, the treats still there.

He never saw Boivin again.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

32 thoughts on “Shame and Kindness in the Same Bin

  1. Such a sad ending. Human kindness was obviously too much for Boivin. Or maybe he just dislikes croissants.
    Good luck with the novel. Third re-write already? That’s speedy and I am envious!


  2. Dear Michael,

    Nice to see you back. I understand about being involved in a novel. Hope it’s going well. as for Armand and Boivin I’m a little mystified by the reaction of the latter. Perhaps he didn’t like croissants. 😉 Good one.




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