The Last Day Mending Nets





PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Saline tanned and rope-roughed hands, the old fisherman pulls the needle through and round, over and hitch as he’s always done.
The waves against the sea wall fizzle respect for a worthy adversary; the gulls keen camaraderie from a deferential blue sky.
A disabled, rotting hull, he mends nets but can no longer fish. His stagnant, rock-pooled tears harbour painful pining beneath dead eyes, lamenting brutal years of toil.
Life’s soundtrack of the sea’s noises, fades like a relentlessly turning record slowing to an elegy. There’s a last weary wisp of breath and the needle drops unnoticed to the cobbles.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

31 thoughts on “The Last Day Mending Nets

  1. A lovely, heart-warming story of the peaceful passing of an old fisherman. He couldn’t have chosen a better way to go. Beautiful descriptions, too, and the way you tell us the technique he was using to mend his nets added enormously to the feel of authenticity.
    Great writing!

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