Now or Never







Laura stared at the city lights imagining the party people guzzling champagne and caviar. She was of this city too; they were the lights of her youth’s dreams, so why was she serving stolid stew of the cheapest cuts every night?
“Buck,” she called to a man with a helping of her stew hanging from his moustache, “Is this it then?”
Buck was nonplussed, “Good food, good company. What more is there?”
‘Hell!’ she thought. She flipped the closed sign round on the door. “Lock up when you’re finished.”
“Where you going?”
“To find company who know how to eat.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

41 thoughts on “Now or Never

  1. I can’t stand champagne and caviar, give me a good out stew anyway, sadly the green often looks greener in other peoples garden, but she needs to be wary, it may be all moss and no grass. I enjoyed the images you created with this story.

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  2. I wonder how soon Laura will miss Buck? He has three things in his favour; he compliments Laura; he compliments the food she serves; and he’s sufficiently trustworthy to be left to lock up. OK, so his personal hygiene leaves something to be desired.
    It sounds like the city lights are going to deceive Laura once again.
    I enjoyed this story, Michael.

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  3. That stew hanging off the moustache. . .

    This one is close to home. My husband had his 75th birthday this week. I offered him a variety of special menus, but he just wanted my good beef stew. Huh.

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