Of Endings, Beginnings and New Trainers






PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell

“What’s the matter, son?” Jim asked as he slid the milkshake across the Formica-topped table.
“Autumn is sad, grandad; it’s horrible seeing all the trees cold and their leaves dead.”
“That’s just nature son. Everything has its time and then it all begins again shiny and new.”
“Do we have a time, grandad?”
Wheezing, Jim peered into the darkness of his coffee and saw only the black answer.
“Well that’s a deep, dark subject to consider over a milkshake, son, but either way, you’re the new and shiny, so how about we get on with buying those trainers you wanted?”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here

I’ve been away from FF for a while, mainly due to lots going on here and not having the time to reciprocate comments. The arrival of Freddie was one of the major distractions. He has been fun and so far taught me a lot, which I thought I’d share with you.

What I have learnt in six months since getting a new puppy:
1) There are far more dirty tissues and used baby wipes in the world than I’d ever imagined – because people are dirty.
2) A standard size cardboard box, when shredded correctly will comfortably cover the lawn of an average semi-detached house.
3) Puppies have two bladders. One for the normal everyday requirements and another to greet everyone they meet with their own personal little wee. This second bladder is inexhaustible.
4) A puppy thinks a cat is just another thing to be played with. (They only think this once)
5) Puppies don’t like untidiness and will remove any shoes, tools or other items left unattended for destruction and burial somewhere in the garden.
6) Puppies are useful for getting that ‘dog fur’ finish on any new gloss paint you’ve applied to stairs or skirting boards.
7) Puppies are happy to help you with any chores. At the slightest chink of a tool, your new best friend will be there to protect you from the hoover, climb in to check the dishwasher is safe and defend you from the lawn mower before it can do you harm.

One thing  that is worrying me though…he ain’t never caught a rabbit yet.


71 thoughts on “Of Endings, Beginnings and New Trainers

  1. I have never thought of autumn in that way but know others do. Grandad had a great segue.

    Freddie is adorable. Maybe the reason he hasn’t caught a rabbit yet is that you haven’t trained the rabbit to attack you, thus triggering Freddie’s protective instincts. Best of luck to you.

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  2. My father, and my son, feel that way about the fall as well. I never have. The colors are just too beautiful, the chill weather is invigorating, I’ve always felt the chlorophyl kills the colors that the trees want.

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  3. Dear Michael,

    Good to see you back. There’s a lot of story over that milkshake. Good one.
    Freddie is so cute. And I laughed aloud at what you’ve learned from your puppy. I’d say, even if he ain’t never caught a rabbit, he’s still a friend of yours. 😉



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    • HI Michael, thanks very much. He’s actually a Sprollie, which is either a mongrel or a crossbreed between a Collie and a Springer, dependent on where you sit on crossbreeds. The Springer part of him is often very evident but we’re enjoying him.

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  4. The first story is sweet, but the puppy story is so true. I have 2 new Scottie terrors…. uh, terriers. They are all of your observations, times two, except that we have three patient, understanding cats who can run faster, and climb higher, quicker – but none of them ain’t caught that rat what lives in my basement. 😯

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      • The puppies are not allowed into the basement until they are thoroughly house-trained. All three of the cats can be found lurking and listening at various places down there, but our basement is so crowded that the 2 rats (male and female I fear – I just trapped 7 juveniles) have lots of escape routes that the cats can’t got to quickly enough. 😯


  5. Love both the story and the journaling! I, too, have a new little furry baby in my home, and what you write would go for my kitten, too. He’s into everything. I had to get down on the floor and crawl around to ensure all dangers were removed…. then, he discovered the older kitty… it’s been a war zone since….arrrggghhhh!

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  6. I love that the child is “the new and shiny”. Poetic! And of course I fell in love with Freddie the new puppy on sight. Thankfully your delightful and useful tips of what a potential puppy owner should know, brought me back to reality. He’s still gorgeous though.

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  7. Hilarious puppy tails to match your sobering FF one! Hope Freddie will make a good sheep or Frisbee dog for you, and I expect he will continue to steal the show for a while, with a mug like that. The moment where the father looks in the coffee cup was priceless, and i totally get why he avoided the question.

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  8. I really like the gentle lightness of touch about the way grandad handles the subject of mortality with his grandson- truthful and un-scarey. Good writing.
    Your puppy learning are quite delightful – and remind me how irresistible puppies are – even if chewing up your new shoes !

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  9. Kids can slip in questions regarding life so well but grandad deflects beautifully. That puppy is very cute, my dog is growing older and spends most of his time sleeping now.


  10. Great story, Michael. Sometimes, children ask questions that we can’t or find hard to answer. I like Autumn because of the changing color of the leaves and the air is a bit fresher. Each season has it’s own beauty. Your puppy is adorable.

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  11. Welcome back, Michael. You know how to win a crowd … showcase a puppy. OMG … he’s too cute. I enjoyed reading your list. Congratulations on finding a winner dog. Now, I’ll be curious about what he’s up to. 😀
    Your story is touching. I love Autumn because of all the beautiful colors that Mother Nature paints. It’s a time of rest and renewal. A very nice approach to the prompt this week.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Thanks Isadora, you’re right about Freddie, I think he got more comments than me this week. As to what he’s up to, everything but highlights are a dozen eggs smashed all over the kitchen floor and a cooling chocolate cake stolen for which he suffered with the runs for a short while. Thanks for the comment on my story too, Autumn is a strange one because it’s so beautiful but does have an underlying meaning presaging death until spring brings renewal

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      • LOLOL … I’d love to get a dog but wouldn’t be able to keep up. Although I live in a home with a backyard, there are wild animals like oscelots, racoons, owls, wild hogs and cougars. The community I live in is a bird wildlife nature preserve. We have a cage we live behind. : ) I had 2 cats killed by alligators. I’ll enjoy your tales of Freddie. I think he’s a fun little guy despite his antics. Yes, I can see him getting a lot more comments. Have a wonderful week …
        Isadora 😎

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