Choosing our Religion

It’s been a long time since I entered a piece for FF. I’ve endured a classic case of life intruding when I was planning other things. Part of life though was getting my second novel to third draft stage, so I’m intending to release that soon. It’s a sequel, by popular request to, From the Edge of an English Summer and follows the further adventures of Julian and Wordsworth, fighting crime in their suburban backyard. In the meantime, I intend to get back into the ever enjoyable PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz                         and rewarding habit which is,  Friday Fictioneers.

Here’s my offering for this week, I hope I’m not too rusty.

“Fashion is expensive, hence divisive. People are mugged for their Prada, stabbed for their trainers. Nationalising garment production eradicates so many problems.”
“But, your Excellency, why make the clothes so long and shapeless?”
“To respect the feelings of the modest and religious.”
“But aren’t we outlawing religion?”
“Banning religion simply ferments fervour and drives it underground, chapels in cellars, every pantry a priest hole. We have to enlighten them to recognise the state as their religion.”
“Where you’re God?”
“Indeed, I will be their deity.”
As a duty to the people, the chancellor stabbed his Excellency, “We’ll continue worshipping Nike, thanks.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

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18 thoughts on “Choosing our Religion

  1. Good to see you back Michael, and great to hear another novel is on the way! Look forward to the continuing adventures. I’m busy trying to get the last book of my trilogy finished – slowly getting to the end of a first draft!
    I’m not sure which is worse – worshipping a religion, consumerism or a politician!


    • Yeah, it’s a mix of everything bad. The first draft is just the beginning, I find. The editing is quite laborious for me. My first one came out shortly after yours but your already near completion of the third. Good going. How have sales been?

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      • Consistent if unspectacular, averaging about 1 a week with peaks and troughs. Once I have finished this one, I’m going to concentrate on trying to spread the word a bit more and see if I can give them a boost! I find the editing quite cathartic, it’s getting the first draft finished that I always struggle with! Hope your sales have been decent.


        • Funny enough I haven’t sold one for a while until yesterday. There was a big drop off so I put a hold on the marketing with the intention of resurrecting it with the launch of the second. Hopefully, one will help sell the other. Getting the message out is by far the greatest barrier I find. I will be paying more attention to things like the title and blurb to try to be more professional in my efforts.

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          • Absolutely. It does seem no matter what your content/genre/quality of writing – it is a battle to get noticed by a wider audience. I’m hoping completing the story as a trilogy will encourage more to read – we shall see. Good luck!

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            • Yes, that’s the battle so I’m reading tips and advice on marketing like crazy but at the end of the day, I can’t take out a poster on the underground so it all relies on effort, continuous effort which I shall have to do more of than I did for the first one

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  2. Dear Michael,

    I assure you, you haven’t lost your edge. “…every pantry a priest hole.” Love it. What a manipulative chancellor…to smart for the people’s good. Well done, sir. Good to see you back in the queue.




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