Egg Thieves

Has everyone’s WordPress changed? It’s taken me ages to work out how to post this. I suppose I’ll have to get used to it.


Old Harry hailed me outside the village shop, “Your kitchen window’s ajar, so I left them eggs on’t sill. You wanna be careful you’ll get burgled.”

“Not round here, surely,” I replied.

“Not locals, they comes from the town to rob us. Soft touch see, with people leavin’ everything wide open.”

I hastened home, Harry had me worried.

Sure enough, the kitchen resembled a war zone. Smashed crockery, dislodged cooking implements and on the windowsill, broken eggs.

I shooed two screeching magpies back outside.  Bloody security conscious Harry! Those eggs were the surest invitation to thieves and locals to boot.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here

31 thoughts on “Egg Thieves

  1. A great representation of irony. And yes, WordPress seems to change things from one week to the next. I usually figure it out, after much cursing (under my breath, there are impressionable people in the house). I try to write everything down — how to put up an image, include a link, etc. But I either lose my notes or WP changes something again so the notes are meaningless. The only reason I stay is because I like the different looks you can get — for free!

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  2. Dear Michael,

    This does seem to cast a little suspicion on Harry. 😉 Love the dialogue.

    As for Word Press, there is an option to use Classic Editor. I hate the new editor and refuse to use it. I find that if I put my title in the box and save the draft I can go back to “posts” and open it in classic editor. I don’t know why they think the new way is better. I hate it.

    Loved your story, though.



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  3. I enjoyed the conversational nature of this, and guess the Magpies enjoyed making a mess. As for WordPress, like others they seem to love giving use challenges, which sometimes drive me up the wall

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  4. Kudos to you, Michael, for not only attempting, but succeeding in using the new block editor. I for one, shall never succumb. I use the classic editor (and have since the very beginning) from the admin page. Everyone I know who has tried it, has cursed it.

    Now, to your story! Excellent take on the prompt. I guess I don’t have problems with any birds as I leave nothing on windowsills!

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