Chapter 2 – When the Night has Come


PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

Alison fled into the evening. Her tears splintering the glare of the neon signs, she lifted her arm to a taxi she hadn’t the money for.
It sprayed the shimmering lights of a puddle at her as it passed. She watched the shattered reflections reform.
The bus-stop timetable affirmed her last chance home had departed.
“My husband is enough,” she told herself.
Through the window, John was at the jukebox buying more shared memories.
As she approached him, Ben E King pleaded, “Darling, Stand by Me.
“You came back,” John said plainly.
“Could you…?” she faltered, “…I can’t get home.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

52 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – When the Night has Come

  1. It sprayed the shimmering lights of a puddle at her as it passed. She watched the shattered reflections reform.
    Man! I wish I’d come up with this line. That said, I want to go back and read last week’s submission and get back to you.

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        • Funny you should say that, I had thought about continuing it in 100 word sections, so that hopefully you get a stand alone story each time, a different song in the background with a thread leading to a complete story and I’ll find out what she decides or how fate treats her. I don’t think I’ll inflict it on FF though, it might bore people and they’d have to keep referring back. I’ll just make a section for it on my blog.

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  2. She’s certainly got some front! Somehow, I don’t think her husband is enough or she wouldn’t be messing around with John, but if he’s got any sense, he will tell her to ring her husband to pick her up! The descriptions of the lights and reflections are beautiful and you have captured the human characteristics perfectly.


  3. I think that if she dumps John and goes back to her husband, it’s only a matter of time before she finds yet another man, unless a marriage counsellor can miraculously fix what’s wrong with the relationship. …Oh, cynic me. I agree with the others about those “shattered reflections reformed”.


    • I think you have valid points. I’m carrying it on to see how it turns out, trying not to be too judgemental, but you’re right, if love arrives from outside the marriage and the marriage if only sufficient, she probably has little chance of resisting temptation.

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  4. I like the idea of a sequel or even an entire novella through the 100 word photo prompts. It kind of gives an anchor to the thought process. Wonderful. Alison is being tested on her commitment to her husband. John reflects what’s missing in her life and marriage. She is being forced to choose. Let’s hope she has made the right one for her.


    • Thanks for a wonderful comment and encouragement. I have decided to continue in the format to see how it pans out. It’ll be on my blog under “The Whole of the Moon”

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  5. Hi Dawn, thanks for your comment. It is bad in the first appraisal but, I’m interested in how it’ll pan out. If love conquers all, can the protagonists be blamed for falling under its spell? To that purpose I’m continuing the tale in 100 word chapters to see where it takes us.


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