It was Only Supposed to be a Bit of Fun






Copyright Dale Rogerson

An open pizza box, discarded crusts and half-finished cartons of garlic sauce turning rancid, littered the floor.
The room had witnessed too many box-set binges and reeked of sweat and stale duvets.
Kyle tumbled off the sofa, “What happened? I can’t remember anything after series two, episode four.”
He groaned at the debris of drug paraphernalia and empty bottles, his head thumped, his stomach heaved.
He yanked the duvet off his girlfriend, “Lola, wake up.”
The girl didn’t stir, her lips white against the crimson vomit that dribbled from them.
He held her tight, but his hot tears couldn’t warm her.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

58 thoughts on “It was Only Supposed to be a Bit of Fun

  1. You portray that hopelessness and sordidness so well. In my time of psychiatric nursing, I came across some tragic cases of ruined lives dues to drugs but, fortunately, never a death. It’s the dealers who supply impure street drugs who need dealing with, but then part of their power is due to insufficient funding for helping drug addicts through official channels.

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  2. So tragic, Michael. I still want to finish “Breaking Bad.” I was watching the show with my husband and we stopped at a similar kind of tragic scene. I want to get back to it becuase it’s so well written. You did a great job with this! It’s realistic but compassionate there at the end.

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    • It is a great show and brilliantly acted. The only criticism I would have is that sometimes the episodes are too drawn out. Sometimes you could cover in one show what takes two, which can make completing it difficult

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