The Spendthrift






Photo Credit: Magaly Guerrero

“More shoes!”
“I need them,” she says
“You’ve dozens and only two feet.”
Paul wondered how often shoes were cited in divorce proceedings.
“We can’t afford them. We’re up to here in debt.” He banged the back of his hand under his chin.
“They were cheap.”
“Cheap? Dog shit’s going for half price at the moment; shall I get a stock in?”
“Now you’re being stupid. If it distresses you, I’ll take them back.”
“The bank’s letters distress me.”
“I’ll take them back, but can I keep the clocks?”
Suddenly, Paul was aware of the loud tick-tock of time running out.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

58 thoughts on “The Spendthrift

  1. Oh dear, this is so realistic and reminds me of someone I know in real life who drives me nuts at times. This particular person splashes out with money big-time and then goes around complaining that she hasn’t any money D: However, I have to admit that shoes are high up on my temptation list.

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  2. The number of shoes and the number of feet have nothing to do with each other, he better learn this. That said, poor guy. She clearly has no sense, for money or otherwise.

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  3. I really like so many things in this story. The dialogue was great. I could feel his frustration building. The last line was very evocative.

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  4. I used to believe that people were being silly when they spoke of shoe-shopping addiction, then I learned that more than one family owed their bankruptcy to the size of their wardrobe. So strange, the things people get attached to (and the numbers!). The frustration comes out so clearly… and the tick-tock is so ominous.

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    • Thanks. It is strange the things people get addicted to and how they let them affect their lives. It’s like an illness in some cases


  5. Nicely written tale, Mick. I wonder what his actions will be – divorce of reaching for the nearest knife! The whole shoe thing completely baffles me. I wear trainers, walking boots when it’s cold and wet. And not a lot else. Rest assured, all women are not obsessed with footwear!

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    • I’m sure they’re not really. 🙂 But there are people who spend and hoard all sorts of stuff without reference to how it affects others. She is one of those, unfortunately for him and his wage packet.

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        • You’re dead right, I only used shoes because of the prompt but my ex left us with a dozen cheap clocks, we’re still counting the tape measures and already at 20, drill bits, paint brushes, garden furniture enough to supply Kew Gardens, the list goes on. If it said Sale she couldn’t resist, but would never buy just one, she bought in bulk and we had no use for it.

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          • That’s a fascinatingly eclectic range of items, Michael. When people hoard like that it always makes me wonder what happened to them early on, as if somewhere in the back of their minds ‘stuff’ brings with it a sense of security they didn’t get during their developmental years. Forgive me – just me psychobabbling

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  6. I can understand her “need” for shoes… However, not at the expense of ruining a relationship and their finances. It is a very real problem in many a household, I fear!

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  7. This is a brilliant story. The conversation is excellently laid out. I found the lines, “You’ve dozens and only two feet.” and “Dog shit’s going for half price at the moment; shall I get a stock in?”, hilarious. I wonder if things will turn out well for this couple.

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  8. I remember having a conversation with women at work – I have 40 pairs of shoes – I have at least 50 maybe 55?- Me? Gosh! 70.
    I calculated mine ~ 5 pairs of work shoes ~ three comfy, hanging with friend shoes ~ 2 pairs of hiking boots ~ 1 pair X-Country shoes and 1 pair gardening clogs.
    I love where you took the prompt. Good dialogue. A perfect showing of angst. Kudos

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    • Thanks Alicia, great comment. I feel I’ve opened up the great shoes debate.From Rochelle’s, if the shoe fits, buy a pair in every colour to blokes who simply don’t understand. 🙂

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    • Thanks Isadora, it’s about the need to hoard stuff as much as anything else. You’re right if someone spends the money irresponsibly it puts a huge strain on the other person in a relationship.

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